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Submarine wreck off the Newquay coast
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Shipwrecks around Newquay

The vast majority of divers who come to Newquay come for the Wreck diving (and quite rightly so) but there are also some great scenic dives in the 10-30m range. The wrecks around this area are mainly First or Second World War casualties and have in the main been torpedoed by German U-boats. Many of the wrecks in this area are "unknown" as I am still trying to identify them but this is becoming very difficult, as there are so many wrecks in a relatively small area. And I am still finding new ones to explore. The Map below shows just some of my marks..

However after nearly 40 years of taking dive charters I have decided  now is the time to stop, so unfortunately I wont be taking any sport divers, I will continue to take commercial diving charters for the forseeable future


Wreaks near Newquay

Wreck Name Dive Depth Distance Out Year Sank Tonnage
Syracusa 33M 2ML 1898 1,003
Onega 42M 4ML 1918 3,636
Tagona 42M 5ML 1918 2,004
Orfordness 35M 4ML 1918 2,790
Obdam 48M 10ML 1918 3,657
Lake Edon 42M 4ML 1918 2,371
"Oil Drum" 42M 8ML Unknown Unknown
Vest Hime 42M 8ML Unknown Unknown
Vesuvius 48M 13ML 1920 Unknown
Lake Owen 53M 13ML 1918 3,600
Brava 53M 13ML 1918 3,560
Shanes Castle 55M 14ML 1918 Unknown
Meefjord 38M 8ML 1942 2.000
Petersham 40M 9ML 1918 3,381
Hanging Anchor 42M 9ML Unknown Unknown
King Harry 38M 14ML Steam Ferry
Carasa 40M 7ML 1918 2,099
Ezra Weston 53M 22ML 1944 7,500 Liberty
Regina 53M 22ML 1944 1,015
Saphir 35M 9ML 1918 1,406
Sicilia 12M 6ML Unknown 2,500
Rewa 60M 30ML 1918 6,000tn Hospital Ship
Glenart Castle 70M 40ML 1918 7,000tn Hospital Ship
U1021 50M 10ML 1940 U Boat 

The S.S. Obdam was a 3,657tn passenger steamer which was built in 1889 and commandeered for troop movements for the first world war, She was torpedoed 10 mile west of Newquay in 1918. She lies in a depth of 48m L/W Springs and is an excellent dive, having a large gun standing proud from the bow and many large 4" shell cases lying around.

HMS Obdam

H.M.S. Warwick was a W. class destroyer built for the first W.W. and then re-commisioned for the second W.W. but met her end on 20.2.44 when the German U.Boat U413 the very sub which the Warwick had been sent to destroy beat her to it and sank her in 4 mins with a torpedeo to her stern. She lies in a general depth of 60m but on a low spring we have dived her at 58m. She is an amazing dive and although very flattened is a very emotive dive.She is now a desiganted War Grave and  I have suspended any future diving on her .

HMS Warwick

H.M.S. Vesuvius was the first torpedeo boat built, but never actually used in anger, she was built with stealth in mind with the vents from her engine room being louvers in her side so that the enemy would not see the smoke from her stack she was expected to be a great deterrent. However unfortunately the louver system did not work according to plan and with the crew suffering the ill effects she was eventually given a stack. With the stealth idea well and truly blown she was relegated to a training ship and never used in anger and foundered while under tow, she now lies upright and almost totally intact in about 48m L/W, she is only 90ft long and is another excellent dive as she lies on pure white sand. 

HMS Vesuvius

This is the bell from the 1907 stern trawler"Marcelle" which was sunk in the first World War by gunfire from a German U.Boat. We found and dived the wreck in October 2000, and she lies fairly intact in 73m about 24 mile from Newquay.

bell from the 1907 stem trawler Marcelle.

HS Rewa. Recently found ,the Hospital Ship Rewa built in 1906. Used by the House of Commons during the Spithead Review she was torpedoed in 1918 and sank 33 miles North of Newquay in 60m of water I have only dived this wreck a few times. So watch this space for more updates.. Click on the News section to see latest on this wreck..This wreck is to feature in "Deep Wreck Mysteries" on ITV Jan/Feb 2007.

HS Rewa

The Glenart Castle was a Hospital Ship during the First World War and was torpedoed by a German U.Boat with a large loss of life. She now lies in 73m and is only visited only by the most experienced of divers as she lies 40 mile offshore and can only be dived when tides,and weather are at their most favourable. This wreck is mostly intact and features in the I.T.V. Documentary “DeepWreck Mysteries” to be viewed during early 2007.

HMS Glenart Castle

HMCS Regina: This Canadian Corvette was part of a convoy escorting ships during the second WW when she was struck by a torpedo about the same time as the Ezra Weston (a liberty ship carrying government stores). She sank in seconds and many of the crew lost their lives. She now lies in 53m about 20 mile North of Newquay and we recently laid a plaque and raised commemorative flags on her bow to remember her loss.This ceremony was filmed for a forthcoming documentary "Deep Wreck Mysteries" and will be shown early 2007 on ITV. She is a war grave and should only be dived with that in mind.

HMCS Regina

The  8,825  Liner "Armenian" was torpedoed  on 28 June 1915 whilst on voyage to Avonmouth from Newport News (USA). She was built for the Leyland Line and used as a Passenger Liner before being taken over by the Whie Star Line and later converted to carry live animals for the war effort, at the time of her sinking she was carrying general stores and 3,000 mules destined for the trenches in France. She was 160m long with an 18m beam. 9 crew and 20 donkeymen were killed the rest survived and were picked up and later landed at Avonmouth. She now lies 50 miles off Newquay in about 95m of water. We have dived her only 3 times for the filming of "Deep Wreck Mysteries" and is completely upright and intact, we have recovered only one plate bearing the insignia of the "WhiteStar Line" for identification puposes only.

The Armenian

U.1021 is a type 7 C Second World War German U boat which has only recently been descovered. Laying in 50m of clear Cornish water. She has only been dived by a few people, including the camera team from “Deep Wreck Mysteries” She lies intact on the seabed and makes a stunning, emotive dive one not to be missed.