Sea safaris on the Atlantic Diver
Deep sea fishing trips off the coast of Cornwall
Atlantic Diver
Sea safaris on the Atlantic Diver
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Seal near Newquay Harbour beach
Atlantic Diver
Atlantic Diver


"quite the most luxurious bunkhouse I've ever stayed in ! Fantastic. We'll definately be back"
Louise Trewavas (Diver Mag)
"absolutely fantastic diving trip with an excellent skipper.Wait till you see the accommodation" 
ADM Diving
"brilliant - excellent diving and fab B&B, the best we've stayed in"
Pierre Leon, St Albans SAC

"superb spot.,hospitality first class,thanks to the unsung heros in the kitchen"

Graham Connacher, Bluebird


"great diving,great hospitality"

John Liddiard (Diver Mag)


"stonking !, yet again world class wrecks,viz and accommodation,we'll be back"

Ben Field

"another superb long weekend, thanks for booking amazing sights of the dolphins"

 Steve Brown


 "you surpassed yourselves this time, Thanks for all your help making Deep wreck Mysteries."

Dan Stevenson

I’ve just been on a five day diving trip to Newquay in Cornwall and I wanted to put a comment on Chris Lowe’s but then I thought comment about what, how can I possibly do justice to my experience with just a comment? 

So here are few thoughts about a trip, the memories of which will last for the rest of my life... 

Whether it’s a 50 mile trip out to the SS Armenian in 100mtrs. or a fallback dive to 45mtrs the diving is just awesome. The wrecklist is endless and there is something to suit everyone at all levels. 

"Would we like to detour on the way out and have a basking shark experience?" Yes please! 

"Can you get the basking sharks to swim towards me so I can get some stunning photos?" Yes I can, and I’m that good I can do it again and again... just like magic! 

"When we get to the wreck could you place the shot next to the spidge I left on the bow?" Yes I can! 

"How’s the viz today Chris?" Awesome! 

Then it’s sandwich time on the boat and the skipper even knows better than me what I ordered... why? Because he was up before sunrise making them! 

Back at the accommodation the chalets are immaculate... everything just so - comfy bunks, hot showers, fresh coffee always on the go... Annabelle miraculously appears with roast potatoes and baked camembert or exquisitely prepared fresh fish with homemade tartar sauce that Ben caught on the boat while we were waiting for “slack”. 

Do we want gas, any mix at all? Just put your name on the cylinder. Can we manage that? Only before going into town to sample the delights of a night in Newquay. 

This is a town with something for everyone and a very excellent choice of restaurants. Just mention Chris’s name in some of the best places for a discount. 

Breakfasts are delicious with a daily choice all cooked to order, and if the boat is off early Anne is up at a crazy hour making sure we get something tasty on the boat... what about the homemade cake with apples and pears from the garden? Wow! 

I’m privileged to live on this coast and dive here all the time. I selfishly don’t want to see hordes of divers invading this special place, but Chris and family deserve all the success they can get. They work incredibly hard and for very long hours. Absolutely nothing is forgotten or too much trouble. They offer the complete diving experience. 

Just remember one thing... Chris has got a perfectly good boat. It’s your decision if you decide to jump off it! 

Phil Durbin. ( I.L.F.S.A.C.) (Deep Wreck Mysteries) 25th September 2010